Monday, January 3, 2011

Out With the Old In With the New

Whats gonna be new for me this year regarding relationships? I dont know yet, but I have some idea in mind to help me make better decisions. Hopefully, I dont think a full 360 can be done in a year, it takes time to transform into the person you want to be. My resolution for the last 3 years was try to be more patient and I am still working on that. Anyway, some guy told me that he would only deal with me if he had a girlfriend. Hmm Im not sure if I should take that as a compliment or a sign of disrespect. He said that he would scared to get close to me cause he thinks I would play him and break his heart. I smell bullshit, so he rather me be his junpoff???? If a man is that weak and is intimidated by a independent woman then he has no room in my life anyway. I like to think that I leave some type of impact on people when they are in my presence, I found out today that that may not be true. I ran into some guy I went on a date with like a few years ago, I remembered him, he didnt remember me. I wasnt offended but I did tell him Im glad we didnt fuck, then I really would have felt some type of way. Sorry for my language but this is my site, if you dont like it then you know what to do. Back to work tomorrow,  I am so excited! Until next time...

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